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Give your space a wide audience by digitally recording and preserving it for generations."

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Virtual tour of the Villa Romana del Casale (Sicily)

What it is Digital recording of your gallery or heritage site

For collections with a physical location like a museum or archaeological site, a curator or cultural heritage site manager may choose to include a virtual tour of the space in the digital exhibition to give collection artifacts context and incentivize positive tourism. There are many uses to this other than virtual tourism, including digital preservation, education, and studying environmental impact of tourism on the physical space.

Combining both site-wide and individual object 3d scanning, the team at Mused can help employ a custom solution to digitize your space to include in your online exhibition of your collections. A custom solution may include publishing data on professional 3d visualization platforms such as Sketchfab, Matterport, as well as others.

About 3d Scanning Solutions

When you contact our team for more information about 3d scanning, if you have a specific goal with 3d scanning, we'll be glad to meet it, or if you're new to 3d scanning and interested in potentially including a virtual tour of your physical space, we'll be able to a recommendation based on your projects needs. We provide an array of 3d scanning services from traditional photogrammetry to infrared and LiDAR laser scanning in order to present your aritfacts and spaces to the widest possible audience online.


For a short overview of examples of virtual tours, you can see some of our previous projects around the Mediterranean--in partnership with the American Research Center in Egypt, here's the Tomb of Menna (Thebes / Luxor) in 3 different viewers (check out ARCE's page for the Tomb of Menna also!):


The Matterport platform web viewer offers the easiest way for visitors all over the world to view your spaces. The first person explore mode makes it easy for non-technical donors and visitors to navigate your space.


Sketchfab presents all sorts of 3d models and animations, from large spaces to small artifacts, and includes both virtual and augmented reality viewing for your exhibition visitors.

Other Viewers

There are many other stellar viewers for displaying 3d data, and the one we want to demonstrate as an example is Google Arts and Culture's viewer displaying the Tomb of Menna with ARCE.

Overall, the team at Mused can help you reach your goal with presenting a virtual tour integration with your digital exhibition to enhance your donor's and visitor's experience. Contact us directly for more information about what solution might fit your space and collection best.

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